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We have established a strong reputation as a firm that cares and provides the best care to its clients.

Chris Bell A.D.R.

Fighting for your Disability!

Chris Bell & Jeff Bell are certified Accredited Disability Representatives (A.D.R.) and we are committed to help clients throughout the United States fight for the Disability benefits they deserve.


Since 2000 We Have Helped Over:

Jeff Bell A.D.R.

What People Say About Us

I'm a visually impaired Vietnam Veteran suffering from complications...Disability Consultants did a great job getting it done for me.

William Lewis

Disability Consultants did a great job for me because I was first denied...Without them I don't think I would be able to qualify for disability.

Melvin Pearson

I have Glaucoma in both eyes, blind in one and partially blind in another. Even though I am under 65 years of age Disability Consultants helped me achieve my disability.

Gary Hickson

After a lengthy battle to get my veteran benefits through the V.A. When it came time for Social Security I went directly to Disability Consultants. He took care of it from start to finish.

Thomas Westphal