Disability Consultants has a Strong Reputation

The humble beginnings of this office started with a women who had a desire to help people…

Story & History

In the late 1980′s, Carol Bell opened a small, one room office in Fruitland Park with the purpose of helping the disabled know and understand their rights, as well as assist them in the application process for Social Security Disability claims. As Carol Bell’s reputation of helping others spread, her business grew. Her son, Chris Bell, soon joined her in the new venture and the business moved to the lot adjacent to its current location on Berckman Street. As the business flourished, they broke ground on a new office building next door that would soon become the primary residence of Disability Consultants.

Though Carol passed away in 2006, her goal of helping people is not forgotten, as the business has grown to serve not only Central Florida, but people throughout the United States. Since then, Carol’s grandson, Jeff Bell, has joined the team as an additional Accredited Disability Representative. Her legacy of caring for others continues through the work of her family and many of the original employees hired by Carol in the beginning.

The purchase of a supplementary office in Ocala has allowed Disability Consultants to spread its operation into two distinct areas, to improve customer service and better serve the local clientele. Both offices provide knowledgeable staff that understand the intricacies of the Social Security system and possess a heart for helping others.

Know Your Rights! Why Wonder? We Care!

From the initial prospective interview to the gathering of necessary medical records, our dedicated team will help you understand your rights, navigate and submit the needed paperwork, and gain the Disability benefits you desire.

Disability Consultants is honored to have been part of the pioneer program for video hearings, and proudly hosts three official video hearing sites at our offices for the comfort and convenience of our clients.

No fees are required for services until claims are awarded. Social Security Disability benefits are difficult to apply for and obtain. At Disability Consultants, we can help expedite your application during this lengthy process for benefits, and ultimately obtain the financial assistance you seek. Chris and Jeff Bell are honored to be your advocates, fighting for your rights as your case is submitted to an administrative law judge. “Know your rights! Why wonder? We care!”

Our Experienced Staff

  • Case Managers Knowledgeable About the Disability Benefits Process
  • Representatives Certified and Experienced to Handle Your Claim
  • Quick Responses to Your Questions